Our strict quality assurance plan and adherence to specific customer requirements has helped us in achieving an ISO 9001:2000 certification. We adhere to standards and codes like ASTM, ASME, BS, BIS, ANST, DIN, etc.

Shripal Metal prepares the Quality Assurance plan in accordance with specific requirements of the customer. Respective ASTM specifications, mandatory and supplementary requirements are translated into special instructions while processing. Auditing of raw materials as well as strict and constant inspections are carried out during processing or manufacturing. Inspection stage and check hold points are decided to carry out in process inspection to record important stages of inspection and tests. A separate Quality Assurance department manned by qualified and experienced professionals functions independently under the production management department.

The Quality Assurance department monitors important quality checking which includes:

  1. Material Control: This controls the quality of all incoming materials. The incoming materials specifications are correlated with Raw Material test certificates or reports.
  2. Process Control: During forming, rolling, bending, welding, forging straightening, radiographic, hydrostic Pressure Test and heat treatment, monitor and controls to be followed.
  3. Machining and Dimensional Control: Suitable dye fixture and templates are used to maintain dimensional accuracy. Necessary gauges and calipers, Tape, Micrometer, Venier,
  4. Finishing Painting and Marking: Carbon and Alloy Steel fitting are shot ballasted or pickled and painted. Stainless steel fittings are pickled and passivated. All fitting are marked with size schedule, thickness, specification and manufacturer stamp.
  5. Certification: Under the Quality Assurance Plan with assured quality control from raw materials to finished product materials are to be supplied with test certificate, which includes Chemical, Mechanical, Heat treatment, IGC Test, Hydro Test, Hardness properties and other NDT test. It also furnishes Supplementary Test and Stamping Details.

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Our strict quality assurance plan and adherence to specific customer requirements has helped us in achieving...
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